The Shed Players

The Shed Players

Keith Bakke

Rick Gordon

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Jim Gordon

David Douglas

The Shed Players...

A number of years ago people started gathering at  the Shed here in historic Snohomish, WA. to play a little music. It wasn't long before interest grew in being a "Shed Player" and the fun has never stopped. We enjoy playing stuff that makes us all smile. We just can't think of a better way to have fun with music! We're available for hire - and have a great time playing festivals, concert shows and local farmers markets, fairs and parties around the Northwest. Check out The Shed Players website for schedule and booking information.

​​​​​​The Shingles on the shed!

David Douglas - guitar, harmonica and vocals
Keith Bakke - bass and vocals
Jim Gordon - acoustic and electric guitar and vocals
Rick Gordon - acoustic and electric guitar and vocals 

Contact Info:
Phone: 206 999 6575



We're located in Snohomish, WA.