The Shed Players

Dyann Arthur:

“Banjo Girl” for The Shed Players... a life-long musician, she began piano at 5, completing her BA in Music (Magna cum laude) at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. After college she continued performing and teaching for 15 years in New England. Dyann sings, plays acoustic and electric guitar, some bottle-neck slide, mountain dulcimer, Dobro, ukulele and old-time style banjo, which she picked up during seven months of field recordings around the country in 2010.

With a strong interest in ethnomusicology, history and folklore, she founded the non-profit “MusicBox Project” with her husband Rick in 2009 to document and preserve music history while furthering education, creation and performance. She's continued to add to her list of musical producing a feature length music documentary “Americana Women” out on DVD highlighting some of the women musicians interviewed and recorded across the country for MusicBox Project.

The MusicBox Project Collection is archived at The American Folklife Center/Library of Congress, The Southern Folklife Collection at UNC, Chapel Hill, NC, and The Blues Archives at UM, Oxford, MS. MusicBox Project maintains a YouTube Channel with over 200 music videos of women roots musicians.

Rick Arthur:

Rick is retired from a couple of careers: He graduated from Embry Riddle University with a BS (cum laude) in Professional Aeronautics. His first carrier culminated as a highly experienced US Army, Master Aviator, instructor pilot, FAA certified flight instructor. His second carrier was as a Boeing company flight simulator instructor in Boeing 777, 747 and 787 airplanes with additional experience as a SME (subject matter expert) in the area of computer based flight instruction (CBT) and curriculum development. He is an exceptionally experienced and dynamic teacher.

Rick has always been a closet bass and bluegrass banjo player. Over the years his joy has been providing the bass rhythm and foundation in various styles of music.He is the co-founder with his wife Dyann of MusicBox Project (a non-profit 501(c)(3) devoted to the preservation of American Roots music.

Rick has directed his experience and love of Roots music into his stand–up bass as a musician and full time shingle with the Shed Players.

The Shed Players...

A number of years ago people started gathering at  the Shed here in historic Snohomish, WA. to play a little music. It wasn't long before interest grew in being a "Shed Player" and the fun has never stopped. We enjoy playing stuff that makes us all smile. We just can't think of a better way to have fun with music! We're available for hire - and have a great time playing festivals, concert shows and local farmers markets, fairs and parties around the Northwest. Check out The Shed Players website for schedule and booking information.

Find out more about all of The Shed Players in their BIOS:

Dave Douglas:

Leader & founding member of The Shed Players, Dave has been playing acoustic guitar and harmonica for decades. This was useful during his forty year career in education, primarily in progressive schools that encourage and support hands on learning. He believes children learn best when offered the opportunity to be actively involved in the learning process while taking ownership and responsibility for the outcome. Playing, writing and performing songs with, and for children played a significant role in his teaching and administrative careers. In the early 1990's he collaborated with his long time friend, Rod Ashton in the recording and production of a CD of many of the children's songs he had written during his time in the classroom.

During his teaching career he worked with age groups from elementary through high school with the majority of time teaching younger students. Those elementary years included teaching social studies, history, language arts, math and technology as well as the teaching of middle school students, primarily in science and technology. Over the years he coached in a variety of sports at the middle and high school levels. His career also included a number of years in school administration.

Devin Rice:

(Composer/Producer/Musician/Engineer & Multimedia Artist). Devin started playing music at the age of 8, banging on an old player piano. Since the “player” parts no longer worked, he was forced to press the keys himself. Later he picked up the acoustic guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, harmonica and a variety of percussion instruments. He also picked up the saxophone but fortunately put it right back down again.

He has been composing and recording since about 1979, creating music for film, TV, dance, and theatre. He also toured for several years in Europe and the U.S. with a Florida-based blues band.

In 2010 he (with guitarist Erin Aas) won ZMR’s “Best Contemporary Instrumental Album of the Year”.

Devin has also been working in recording studios since the early ‘80s, and currently owns Daylight North Studio in Lake Stevens, WA, presiding there as producer, composer, arranger, engineer, multi-instrumentalist, photographer, graphic designer, etc., etc. (He can also make a decent cup of jo).